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August 2013 Archives

Rising cost for raising a child could mean higher child support

When one is going through a divorce and one has children, child support is always an important issue on one's mind. Child support is also an issue that frequently causes arguments among separating California couples. The spouse who does not have primary custody will likely have to pay a portion of his or her earnings to the other parent to assist the ex-spouse with caring for the children. Even though the spouse paying child support may not be happy with the amount he or she must pay, that parent should keep in mind that the child support check will greatly help in the raising of one's child.

Usher's ex-wife denied child custody after son's accident

Deciding on which parent gets primary child custody of the children during divorce negotiations is hardly ever an easy factor to determine. In fact, custody battles can go on between the separated spouses until the children turn 18 in California as well as in the rest of the country. Hearings to determine a change in the existing custody situation can be brought on by a number of factors. For example, one parent may choose to request primary child custody after a significant and dangerous event occurs with one of the children.

California divorce can be hard, but many are happy afterwards

Any couple that is asking the age old question of whether to stay in the marriage or leave should consider the happiness each person could attain if they were to get a divorce. There are many legal matters as well as emotional and mental factors to weigh when one decides on divorce. While every divorce is different, there are some key matters to keep in mind that are pretty much true for all California separating spouses as well as divorcing couples across America.

Divorce rates higher for California empty nesters

Married couples do not feel the same way about each other as couple that has only been dating for a few months, especially married couples that have been together for decades. One knows all about one's spouse: her likes and dislikes, her annoying habits and the ups and downs of her personality. Many California couples who are truly in love after so many years can find ways to work it out and put spice in their marriage; however, not all marriages can be salvaged, and for those couples, divorce can be the best option. A recent study has found that couples faced with an empty nest are much more likely to divorce than younger couples.

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