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Divorce rates higher for California empty nesters

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Divorce, Firm News |

Married couples do not feel the same way about each other as couple that has only been dating for a few months, especially married couples that have been together for decades. One knows all about one’s spouse: her likes and dislikes, her annoying habits and the ups and downs of her personality. Many California couples who are truly in love after so many years can find ways to work it out and put spice in their marriage; however, not all marriages can be salvaged, and for those couples, divorce can be the best option. A recent study has found that couples faced with an empty nest are much more likely to divorce than younger couples.

Roughly 45 percent of all American marriages end in divorce. For older adults, the divorce rate since 1980 has more than doubled. Also, of all the Americans getting a divorce, one fourth of them is an older individual over 50 years old.

The study also took into effect ethnicity, disability and education level. The study took care to differentiate between divorce and being widowed as well. The data came from the U.S. Census Bureau, and it is expected to project divorce estimations for future generations.

When young couples get married, they often do not put as much thought into what life will be like with their spouse thirty years down the road, as they perhaps should. When married couples have children, it puts a lot of stress on the marriage, and when the nest is empty, sometimes couples find that each has changed in the process, and the connection is no longer there. Even though the nest is empty, couples still may want to consult with California professionals in divorce law to make sure that the divorce proceedings go in the best way for the whole family.

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