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During an estrangement, separation or divorce proceedings, your mind can be harshly overpopulated with doubts and anxieties. Alimony, division of assets, shared parenting time and attorney fees weigh on your mind and pocketbook.

You need wise, experienced advice and sound guidance that can get you to the next chapter in life after your divorce, to a place of serenity and hope. At my Stuart E. Bruers family law office in Torrance, I have done exactly that for California clients from Los Angeles County to the South Bay for over 20 years. I’m all lawyer, but part counselor and confidant, too.

I listen to you. If nothing else right now, you need someone who will listen. Then I take what I’ve learned and use it as a foundation for the kind of professional legal representation your situation demands.

Contact me today to arrange an initial consultation. It could be the most important phone call, fax or email of your life.

Committed To Professional Divorce Representation

Challenging domestic issues that I have successfully tackled with my California clients for more than 20 years of family law practice include:

I can also protect clients’ rights in the fields of paternity and DNA testing. Both are important issues within the family law practice area because of their implications on custody, visitation, child support and attorney fees.

I also handle domestic violence cases within my criminal defense practice. In reference to family law, domestic violence has its own unique impact on custody and visitation. I capably represent both the accused and the abused in these cases.

If you are experiencing stressful, potentially long-range family law issues, you can trust my abilities and legal knowledge to get results for you. My 24-plus years of success with past clients means I can get results for you, too.

Don’t suffer silently. Don’t put off asking for help. Reach out to us in Torrance today. Weekend, evening and walk-in appointments are usually available for your convenience, and we have access to Spanish-language interpretation if you need it.

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In Torrance and throughout Southern and Northern California, I am the experienced family lawyer to come to with all of your divorce-related issues.

At my Stuart E. Bruers law office, I’ll listen to you at all times and offer the kind of professional legal representation you deserve. That has been my pledge to clients for more than years. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Contact me by email or call 310-856-9834 for an initial consultation.