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Community Property

As a divorcing couple in California, you may think that your assets and property can be easily evaluated, divided and distributed. However, the division of community property can be an extremely complicated process in our state, one that you’ll need an experienced divorce and property attorney to help you with.

I am that kind of attorney. I am Stuart E. Bruers, serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties as well as the South Bay for over 20 years from my Torrance family law office. I’m known for my insistence on listening intently to my clients, especially in the area of community property. I then turn that knowledge into a legal strategy that becomes the most professional representation I can offer.

I call upon investigative connections such as accountants, both certified public accountants and forensic accounts, as well as other investigators who will help resolve any property-related dispute.

If your goal is to bring your divorce actions to a swift, solid conclusion by deciding all property division matters once and for all, I will work hard toward your equitable distribution goals from start to finish of our working relationship. Contact me today by phone, fax or email to schedule your initial consultation.

Committed To Professional Divorce & Community Property Representation

At my Stuart E. Bruers law office in Torrance, I can collaborate with accountants and investigators and address community property matters such as:

  • Community property assessment
  • Separate property assessment
  • Interstate assets
  • International assets
  • Tax implications
  • Business valuations
  • Intellectual property
  • Licensing agreements

In the event that a former spouse attempts to hoard hidden assets, we will endeavor to locate, identify, valuate and distribute them fairly. Something else to keep in mind is that California courts have the wherewithal to award the entirety of those assets to the party they were hidden from as a result of a breach of the obligations owed to the former spouse.

You will appreciate the versatility with which I conduct business on your behalf. For example, I prefer to amicably negotiate marital settlement agreements, but will aggressively litigate your community property division dispute if necessary.

Please be in touch with my statewide, full-service and all-purpose family law firm in Torrance if we can be of service. I listen to you, start to finish. And in between, I offer the most professional legal representation I am capable of.

Your Initial Consultation With Stuart E. Bruers

Do you have community property concerns connected to your California divorce? You need a lawyer who will listen to you. I insist on providing the best professional legal representation I can for your unique needs. Call 310-856-9834, fax or email me in Torrance today.