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How To Modify A Child Custody Arrangement

When determining child custody, the judge seeks a solution that will help the child for as long as possible. However, life is not the same forever. As a parent, you will likely encounter many changes of your own as your child grows.

When your custody order is no longer serving your family’s needs, you can request a child custody modification. Law Office of Stuart E. Bruers has helped many families in Torrance and the surrounding area find a new solution for their current situation. Allow me to guide you through the process.

Justification For Modifying A Custody Order

In California, parents and guardians can only modify a child custody order when they face a substantial change in circumstances. This means that there must be a major change in your life that affects your ability to care for your child in the same way.

A substantial change in circumstances may include:

  • Gained employment, job loss or a significant job change
  • Relocation
  • A new danger in the other custodial home, such as domestic abuse
  • Educational changes, such as enrollment in a new school or remedial education
  • The child’s preference or stated needs

Ultimately, any request you have for modifying your custody arrangement must match the child’s best interests. The court is reluctant to modify custody orders because keeping the same arrangement is generally the most stable option for the child.

I can offer advice, help you complete the paperwork and communicate your new circumstances to the court. Custody modifications can be challenging to achieve, but you can rely on my knowledge and experience throughout the process.

Adjust Custody To New Circumstances

Legal orders like child custody are not completely permanent. When you find yourself or your child in a very different situation than before, custody modification could help you ensure that your child is getting the best care possible.

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