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Untangling Tough Child Support Situations

Child support can become one of the most tension-producing issues that divorcing spouses must work through, even in an uncontested divorce. If your divorce has to be litigated in order for you to receive fair treatment, the issue can become even more highly charged. To come out on the other side of a divorce in good shape for the future, you need an experienced family law attorney, one whose reputation commands respect at the mediation table or in court.

I am that lawyer. I’m Stuart E. Bruers, with law offices in Torrance, serving Los Angeles County and the South Bay. I place special focus on parent’s rights, parent-child relationships, and child support and visitation agreements. And most importantly of all: I listen to you. What I learn from you will result in a truly professional legal representation of your legal and lifestyle needs.

How Support Payments Are Calculated

Child support guidelines are based on a number of often complex factors:

  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Each parent’s income
  • The needs of the child
  • A range of other compelling issues, including hardship situations for either parent, additional child support obligations from other marriages, and the like

Divorcing individuals with substantial income levels may be affected by the California high wage-earner exception, which calls for support of children of privilege to be calculated outside state guidelines.

I work hard for you, employing “time share” domestic relations software to enhance your understanding of the calculation process and suggest steps you and your ex can take to create suitable support agreements. If you need to request modifications to an existing child support agreement, or ask for enforcement of a support order that is not being honored, I will ensure your interests are taken care of.

Create A Support Plan That Supports Your Needs

You can arrange an initial appointment with my office in Torrance by calling 310-856-9834 or using my online contact form. Se habla Español.