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Los Angeles Divorce Law Blog

Duran Duran lead singer accused of decades-old sexual assault

Simon LeBon, front man for the rock band Duran Duran, says he can't apologize for something he was accused of doing more than 20 years ago. The now 59-year-old rocker has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who said LeBon allegedly groped her butt and then her genital area at a California record signing. The woman was an employee at the record shop where the signing took place.

The woman claims she was afraid of the consequences of telling someone and that she was shocked and frozen when the alleged incident occurred. She claims she did tell her boyfriend at the time,  some co-workers and a supervisor. The woman, who was 24 at the time of the supposed incident, is now a therapist in Los Angeles and is not seeking compensation, but she wants an apology.

Electronic privacy important in divorce process

It is often common practice to leave the cell phone or tablet laying somewhere unattended.  Yet, the average California resident has his or her messages, social media account, email and calendar available on these devices. While this habit typically does not lead to problems within one's own home, if the individual is contemplating divorce, this habit may provide the spouse with unintended information.

Paying attention to one's electronic devices is important throughout the divorce process. If left unattended, it is possible that the soon-to-be former spouse will be able to gain access to the device and thus gain access to one's messages, emails and scheduled appointments. Even if access is not possible, many accounts provide notifications that are visible as soon as a button is touched on the device. Again, this can provide unintended information.

Man suspected of domestic violence now a fugitive from justice

California is a place that about 40 million people call home. A giant melting pot of cultures, The Golden State is a shining example of how residents from all walks of life can come together to create strong and healthy communities. Though California has been able to reduce the amount of violent crime to historic lows, one major issue that still faces the nation as a whole is domestic violence. Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of gender, income, and living situation. 

Due to the often unpredictable nature of domestic violence crimes, law enforcement is aware that there is the potential for these situations to escalate quickly. Victims may be in a state of distress, and accused offenders may do anything to try to avoid apprehension. In June of 2018, what began as a call for help from a reported victim of domestic violence turned into a police chase that ended with a California police sergeant suffering injuries. 

Divorce can have financial and tax implications for the individua

School will be starting soon, and then the holidays will be here. Would it be better to file for divorce now or wait until the New Year? These are common thoughts that often run through one's head while making the decision to divorce. In addition to these considerations, many California residents also find it advisable to consider the tax implications associated with the various decisions that need to be made.

The family home is often a considerable financial consideration. While one party may decide to remain in the house, this is not always the case. It is quite possible that it will be necessary, or desirable, to sell the house. Depending upon the home's equity, capital gains may need to be taken into consideration. If the home is sold while the couple is still married, the couple can acquire $500,000 in capital gains before there are tax implications; however, if the party selling the home is single, then only $250,000 capital gains apply before taxes become an issue.

How is child support calculated?

Money is often a concern when a California couple decides to divorce. Rather than funding one household with two incomes, it is now necessary for each individual to fund his or her own household. This makes it important to know how much money is coming in and going out each month. Some expenses, such as housing, are easily determined. Other expenses, such as child support, are a little more complicated.

Child support is the money paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to assist in caring for the child or children that the couple share. While the amount to be paid is a percentage of the parent's net disposable monthly income, there is a lot that goes into determining exactly what that income is. Additionally, certain expenses are deducted from this income calculation.

Types of child custody available to California couple

The end of a California couple's marriage often means the end of many things. It can mean the end of battles over finances, friends, family and more. However, it does not mean the end of one being a parent when children are involved. Exactly what this new parental relationship will look like, though, does begin to take shape in the form of a child custody agreement.

It is possible that one parent will retain sole physical custody or the parents can share joint physical custody. Physical custody simply refers to which parent the child will primarily live with. Under sole physical custody, one parent will be primarily responsible for the day-to-day care of the child. However, this does not mean that the other parent is left out. This parent typically retains visitation rights; one of the most common forms traditionally is visitation every other weekend and two or three weeks during the summer, though the trend is toward more equal sharing of parenting time.

Divorce and finances

For some California couples, marital bliss is not their reality. In fact, one of the happiest days of their lives may just be the day that they sign divorce papers. Throughout this process, though, there are a number of financial concerns that will need to be addressed.

Most married couples commingle at least some of their funds. They often have a joint account that is used to pay bills and perhaps other expenses. When divorce is in the foreseeable future, the individual will want to go ahead and open up an individual checking account. It may appear that an amicable divorce is in the making; however, things can change and it is advantageous to go ahead and separate funds.

Property division discussion part of planning beyond the wedding

A wedding is an exciting event. The bride and groom spend countless hours planning and preparing for this glorious event. Yet, all too often, they spend more time planning for the wedding than they do planning for the marriage. In today's society, many California engaged couples bring with them significant assets, children from a previous relationship and even a possible interest in an ongoing business. In light of these aspects, the couple will also want to spend time discussing how decisions will be made throughout the marriage, their philosophy regarding spending and budgeting as well as how property division will be addressed in case of death or divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is a useful tool in discussing these important topics prior to the wedding. In addition to providing a starting point for discussing important financial topics, this marriage contract can also protect others who may be affected if a death or divorce occurs. This can be an important step in providing security for all involved.

How to discuss divorce mediation drama with adult children

There is a lot of advice out there for how to support minor children through a divorce, but what about adult children? Many people will share too much with adult children in an attempt to have them pick sides or to gain favor. However, the drama and anger that may result from a difficult California divorce mediation should not necessarily be discussed at home, even with children who are no longer young.

Adult kids are a bit different than younger ones when it comes to divorce. They are more likely to understand the situation at hand, which may make parents feel like they can discuss the issue with them like they would a friend. Other parents may choose to not talk to their older children about it altogether, assuming that they can handle the situation. Oftentimes, however, even adult children need some reassurance in times like this.

Communication tips for co-parenting after a divorce

Many marriages end due in part to communication challenges, so it is not surprising that divorced couples often struggle with communication as well. While some exes in California have no need to keep talking after a divorce, others must continue to communicate about issues such as shared children, businesses, the sale of the marital home and spousal support. Here are some tips experts offer for how best to speak with a former spouse.

Co-parenting is one of the most common reasons people have to continue speaking after a divorce. It is important in these cases for both exes to put children first wherever possible, and consider their feelings when choosing how to conduct themselves. Empathy and active listening are both good ways to communicate positively even with a difficult person.

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