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September 2015 Archives

How divorce may benefit one, many years afterwards

When a marriage comes to an end, it is likely that both parties may be more focused on the present and immediate future, rather than the long-term outlook. Even if one does look further ahead, the chances are that it will be things such as insurance policies that come under consideration, possibly because they are at least rooted in the present. California residents may be surprised to learn that, even if one goes through a divorce earlier in life, there are times in one's future when that earlier marriage may become a potential financial bonus.

Can crowdfunding help domestic violence victims break free?

It is said that desperate times call for desperate measures. In the case of California residents who endure a life of domestic violence, the measures may be more desperate than one could imagine. The advent of social media and other Internet platforms means that one may seek support and assistance in numerous ways. Recently an Illinois resident utilized a crowdfunding site in order to raise the funds she needed to initiate divorce proceedings.

Helping to free victims of domestic violence, free of charge

It can be difficult to imagine what it is like for some people to live in fear on a daily basis. For California residents who suffer a life of domestic violence, it is all too real an experience. Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, victims often find the idea of escape overwhelming. A well-established removal company, set up some years ago by a group of student athletes, has now partnered with Good Shepherd, a nonprofit organization that works to help victims of domestic violence.

Will infidelity dating sites cause divorce figures to rise?

There are many reasons why marriages may falter and ultimately fail. Among these, adultery is one of the most common causes for divorce, and it seems as though finding a willing participant is easier than ever with the rise of so-called infidelity dating websites. California residents will be familiar with the recent media storm relating to one such website, whose details were hacked and published on a grand scale.

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