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by | Sep 9, 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

It can be difficult to imagine what it is like for some people to live in fear on a daily basis. For California residents who suffer a life of domestic violence, it is all too real an experience. Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, victims often find the idea of escape overwhelming. A well-established removal company, set up some years ago by a group of student athletes, has now partnered with Good Shepherd, a nonprofit organization that works to help victims of domestic violence.

For those victims who are brave enough to approach Good Shepherd, the entire prospect of extracting themselves from the relationship can be terrifying. One must also consider that, often, there are also children who need to be protected. Even after having made contact with the organization and summoned the courage to act, the logistics of managing the removal can seem impossible. This is where the California-based removal company Meathead Movers comes into the equation.

Working on referrals from Good Shepherd, Meathead Movers will donate complete removal services to a number of domestic violence victims each month at no cost. The provision of such services may be hugely beneficial in easing the emotional load that inevitably goes with such situations. If victims have the security of knowing that removals can be coordinated in this way, it may mean the difference between getting out safely or paying the penalty if caught while attempting to leave.

While services such as those rendered by these organizations are immensely helpful, they work best in conjunction with a well-considered plan of action. Taking additional measures to protect the safety of oneself and one’s children, such as a restraining order or, for those who have the courage, filing domestic violence charges, can provide valuable evidence that speaks to the suffering one is experiencing. The better one’s support network is, the better one’s chances of overcoming such unhappiness and moving forward into a better future.

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