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Can crowdfunding help domestic violence victims break free?

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

It is said that desperate times call for desperate measures. In the case of California residents who endure a life of domestic violence, the measures may be more desperate than one could imagine. The advent of social media and other Internet platforms means that one may seek support and assistance in numerous ways. Recently an Illinois resident utilized a crowdfunding site in order to raise the funds she needed to initiate divorce proceedings.

She has been married for ten years, and the couple have four children. During this time, it is alleged that both she and her children were subjected to abuse. Her husband has previously been arrested for child endangerment and also for aggravated assault. The abuse has not only been physical in nature: she has also endured emotional and verbal abuse.

Always fearful for the safety of both herself and her children, she became determined to remove them all from the source of the abuse. The family was living hand to mouth, and even the lowest attorney’s fees seemed impossible to save for. When she hit upon the idea of crowdfunding, she was originally reluctant to expose her situation; however, the need to protect herself and her children was greater, and she went ahead with her idea. In this manner, she has raised more than a third of the money she needs in total.

This approach may not appeal to California residents in similar circumstances; however, seeking advice and support with regard to financial assistance is important. Domestic violence shelters can help to put victims in touch with relevant agencies. Together with appropriate advice about how to initiate divorce proceedings or put restraining orders in place, the victims of such inhumane treatment may find it the best way for them to move forward toward a positive and more optimistic future.

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