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June 2014 Archives

Women and divorce: What to know before filing papers

Divorce is never easy, even between two parties who are resolved to be amicable throughout the process. Perhaps out of fear or "waiting for the perfect time," many California women often delay actually filing divorce papers. Instead of unnecessarily delaying, it can be beneficial to know what to expect before actually beginning the process. This can help a woman move forward with confidence.

Uncovering hidden assets may be worth the effort

When it comes to finances, people generally prefer to part with as little money as possible. Divorce proceedings can become particularly acrimonious, and may lead individuals with significant asset levels to employ cunning measures to protect their wealth. In California, each party is required to submit a separate property assessment, fully disclosing all details of his or her own assets and liabilities, to ensure an equitable settlement. Recent advances in technology may also create the potential for an increase in levels of hidden assets.

When the division of marital assets requires long-term planning

Few things may be quite as complex as negotiating one's way through a maze of financial affairs, whatever the circumstances. The division of marital assets during a divorce proceeding may be quite straightforward for many people, but it can become a contentious battle for those with sizable pension, insurance or investments. Some California residents who find themselves embroiled in such disputes may simply become so battle-weary that they will concede, simply to be done with the unpleasantness.

Divorce: not always rejection, sometimes it's an amicable parting

People often put an unfair level of pressure on themselves. A person can feel immense guilt if he or she makes any kind of mistake as a parent, husband or wife. When it comes to divorce, there are many things one may find hard to come to terms with. There are many means in which California residents can overcome the pitfalls of thinking negatively when entering into the dissolution of their marriages.

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