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When the division of marital assets requires long-term planning

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

Few things may be quite as complex as negotiating one’s way through a maze of financial affairs, whatever the circumstances. The division of marital assets during a divorce proceeding may be quite straightforward for many people, but it can become a contentious battle for those with sizable pension, insurance or investments. Some California residents who find themselves embroiled in such disputes may simply become so battle-weary that they will concede, simply to be done with the unpleasantness.

Employing this tactic may make one feel immediately lighter in spirit, but it can also have unexpected serious financial consequences further down the line. The desire to avoid conflict is natural, and it is unfortunate that some individuals may be able to find ways to exploit that to their own advantage. If one is on the receiving end of such approaches, there are steps to take to guard against any untoward effects.

Acknowledging that a divorce is likely to take some time to reach the stage of finalization may be helpful in adopting a steady pace, rather than rushing things and becoming overly stressed as a result. It may also be helpful to create a support network of trusted friends and family, to whom one can turn for reassurance and personal advice. Taking time to do things that have no connection with the divorce or its proceedings can allow one the space to return to negotiations with a clearer mindset.

When California residents consider the long-term financial and legal entitlements of their divorce, it is generally beneficial to seek appropriate advice. Examining the various possible outcomes of actions taken now, may reveal options — or pitfalls — that were previously overlooked. The division of marital assets may take time to reach an equitable conclusion, but it need not become all-consuming.

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