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May 2014 Archives

The growing awareness of domestic violence among California men

Society is plagued by stereotypes, many of which are now challenged as being outmoded or inequitable. Traditional male and female roles within a marriage have progressed to a point where either partner may be the homemaker, diaper-changer or main income generator. Sadly, there is one area of equality that many California residents have been unaware of for many years. While everyone can most likely recall a tale of domestic violence committed against a woman, such stories about men are rarely mentioned for various reasons.

Frankie Valli wins California community property dispute

When it comes to divorce, one of the most contentious issues that may arise is that of property division. While it may prove to be relatively simple to decide who gets the china and who gets the crystal, items of more significant monetary value may prompt heated arguments and general acrimony. When it comes to something as important as a life insurance policy, how would a couple going through divorce in California determine whether this constitutes as community property?

Throwaway comments can do widespread damage during divorce

In the context of the legal world, there is no doubt that lying can create far more trouble for an individual than the truth. Emotionally, the truth can be a complex issue as individuals can perceive the exact same incidents with wildly differing views. For couples going through the divorce process in California, it may sometimes be worth considering the potentially far-reaching consequences of opinions and feelings one is moved to express verbally.

What one may wish to consider, when preparing to initiate divorce

Of all the relationships that people have in their lives, marriage is often the most personal. How things are going between an individual and their spouse can affect everything else in one's life. Marriage requires a constant input of effort, but if it becomes too much like hard work, and a couple find they are just reiterating the same old arguments, does this suggest that it's time to consider dissolution of the marriage? For couples in California, what might they need to consider if a divorce is looming?

Should custody and visitation litigation favor joint custody?

After parents divorce, their children's well-being is usually at the forefront of their minds. When it comes to matters of custody and visitation litigation, it is most often the case that one parent, usually but not always the mother, will have primary custody, with the other parent being granted very limited access. Some are now questioning whether this is in the best interests of children in California, or if is it a detrimental act which alienates children from the non-custodial parent.

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