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The growing awareness of domestic violence among California men

by | May 28, 2014 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

Society is plagued by stereotypes, many of which are now challenged as being outmoded or inequitable. Traditional male and female roles within a marriage have progressed to a point where either partner may be the homemaker, diaper-changer or main income generator. Sadly, there is one area of equality that many California residents have been unaware of for many years. While everyone can most likely recall a tale of domestic violence committed against a woman, such stories about men are rarely mentioned for various reasons.

Domestic abuse appears in many forms, including physical assault and emotional or non-verbal abuse. According to recent studies, almost as many men suffer from domestic violence at the hands of their partner, as women do. Many men are reluctant, if not downright afraid, to admit that they have been physically assaulted by a partner; nor do they wish to admit to any form of non-physical abuse in case they are seen as a figure of ridicule or, worse, as liars. While the individual may wish to seek a divorce, the fear of repercussions or derision from those around them, may place a restraint on them which only serves to make the person feel even more emasculated.

There is little public assistance available to men in this position, although the issue is in the early stages of gaining more awareness in society generally. The most important thing for any victim to remember, whether male or female, is that no one needs to continue living in fear. If one can summon up the courage to admit to the abuse and seek support, there are actions which one may take to protect themselves.

A resident of California, in a situation where there is serious domestic violence, may first wish to obtain a restraining order or emergency order for protection. This safeguard may give the person space and distance from the events, that lead to their wish to divorce, and allow them to become more objective in deciding how they wish to proceed. Appropriate legal advice, and support from family and friends, may allow one to reassert their own power and find peace in their life once more.

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