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March 2014 Archives

Finding peace after the storm of divorce in California

When it comes to emotional issues, such as the dissolution of a marriage, it can be hard to maintain a positive mindset. Pain, anger and frustration may be difficult to control, despite the continuing damage they inflict upon the person experiencing them. How can California couples going through the process of divorce recognize when this is happening?

Smokey Robinson in California community property dispute

In a divorce proceeding, there is often heated dispute about the division of marital property. Assets such as money and real estate may provide a few challenges but can usually be divided appropriately. Less tangible assets, such as intellectual property, may pose a more complicated problem. Under California community property laws, they may even become a contentious issue many years after the divorce has been finalized.

California businessman jailed for hidden assets in divorce case

In any divorce case, it can be difficult to settle on an agreement about what is fair. Trying to establish the value of community property is one thing, but what if one partner also has hidden assets during the period of property division that do not come to light until sometime later? A California businessman recently discovered, to his cost, the answer to this question.

Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony in California child support dispute

When a marriage ends, disputes may continue for some time following the finalization of the divorce. It is a fact that when children are involved, both parents retain a responsibility to them until such time as those children become adults. Even custodial parents who receive payments far in excess of what most people would consider typical have the right to request a reassessment of the level of child support they receive. This has been demonstrated by former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres recently filing court papers in California against singer Marc Anthony, her ex-husband.

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