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Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony in California child support dispute

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Child Support, Firm News |

When a marriage ends, disputes may continue for some time following the finalization of the divorce. It is a fact that when children are involved, both parents retain a responsibility to them until such time as those children become adults. Even custodial parents who receive payments far in excess of what most people would consider typical have the right to request a reassessment of the level of child support they receive. This has been demonstrated by former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres recently filing court papers in California against singer Marc Anthony, her ex-husband.

The couple, who divorced in 2004, have two young sons. The children live with their mother in San Fernando Valley, and she is now seeking an increase in her current monthly child support payments from $13,000 to $112,000 as she claims their father’s income is significantly greater than it was 10 years ago. She claims her children are forced to live a less affluent lifestyle than his younger children, the twins he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. Marc Anthony has responded firstly by disputing the amount he pays to Dayanara Torres, and secondly by claiming that she has been ineffectual in the management of her finances.

When required to list his income and expenditures for the court, Marc Anthony showed that his payments to Dayanara Torres come to $28,416 per month. His payments to Jennifer Lopez are listed at the significantly lower figure of just $18,000 per month. His income is a staggering $1.25 million a month, which comes from various enterprises and investments.

The figures quoted above may seem significant to most people, and it may be hard to imagine that the amounts already being paid are inadequate in any way. Even so, given the greatly increased level of the father’s current monthly salary, the children’s mother is perfectly entitled under California law to request an increase in the level of child support he pays. The court will take all aspects of each individual’s circumstances into account when making the decision about whether to support the mother’s claim for increased financial support.

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