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February 2014 Archives

What happens to community property during a California divorce?

Depending on the type, breaking up a partnership can raise many issues. Divorce will almost always have a strong emotional element involved, but what happens when a couple build up a business together during the time of their marriage? California is a community property state, meaning that most property acquired during the marriage is owned jointly by both spouses, so many people may wonder how they can protect their investment of time, effort and money.

California led the way for no-fault divorce

Marriage it may mean something different to each person who enters into it, but the outcome is always dependent on whether each party continues to fulfill the other's expectations. Divorce can be painful and difficult; it could also be acrimonious and could turn into a mud-slinging match as in the days when fault had to be shown. In 1969, California led the way in legalizing no-fault divorce, which made the divorce process smoother and easier, and the remaining U.S. states followed its example. Other states are now in the process of attempting to repeal this law and return to proving fault, a subject that has raised widely opposing views.

Time to admit that domestic violence has replaced domestic bliss

Marriages require patience, understanding and respect from both parties. The first months (or even years) may seem effortless but at some point the honeymoon ends and the reality of spending a life together begins. It can be such a gradual progression that it can be a long time before a person realizes that he or she is now a victim of domestic violence in the form of sexual assault. In California, this crime is taken as seriously as it is when the people involved are not married to each other.

Do not risk your health to avoid the possibility of divorce

Most marriages hit a rocky patch or two. Money, work and family members can place a temporary strain on even the best of relationships. Usually one knows what the problem is, and what is necessary to deal with it but what about the signs one might miss? How can couples in California learn what signs may be leading a path to divorce?

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