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Do not risk your health to avoid the possibility of divorce

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

Most marriages hit a rocky patch or two. Money, work and family members can place a temporary strain on even the best of relationships. Usually one knows what the problem is, and what is necessary to deal with it but what about the signs one might miss? How can couples in California learn what signs may be leading a path to divorce?

It is easy to think that as long as one is coping, things will get better. Maybe one finds excuses to avoid spending time with the other spouse, or feels a need to have a drink or two in order to tolerate his or her presence. Before too long, if the underlying problem has not been addressed, these measures may no longer be enough and things are likely to become worse. Increased alcohol consumption and the possibility of needing to turn to medication to get through the day, could lead to serious health issues.

It is not always easy to figure out where relationship problems lie, or how to solve them, but recognizing that you have become reliant on something in order to cope is a big first step toward taking control of them. If it is not possible to talk problems through with one’s spouse, then there are other professionals who are able to assist individuals to figure out what their concerns and needs are. For some, a brief period of separation from their spouse may bring some clarity to a confused or conflicted situation.

A period of mediation between couples may be enough to set a marriage back on its tracks. If, on the other hand, it highlights the need for a permanent break, then mediation may achieve this in a more civil atmosphere. As painful as this outcome may be, a divorce in a no-fault state such as California may still be better for the health of everyone concerned than continuing in an unhappy marriage.

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