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September 2013 Archives

Financial tips for California men going through a divorce

When it comes to divorce, the media seems to take a disproportionate amount of focus on the female struggle when the truth is that men struggle just as much during a divorce. Typically, while women find support from others, it may be harder for men to fully express their feelings. However, if men are more prepared for divorce, particularly the financial side of it, the easier the process can be in California as well as the rest of the world.

Two marriage problems that could spell divorce after a long time

Not all marriages last forever; in fact, about 50 percent of all American marriages end in divorce. This is true for all age demographics, but there has been an increase in divorce among the older demographic. Every marriage has its flaws, but some flaws, if left unaddressed, can become predictors for divorce in California as well as in the rest of the country. While some may be shocked when a divorce from a marriage that lasted years ends, there can be obvious signs of why the split occurred when one examines the inner workings of that marriage.

Property division: Saving money when dividing retirement assets

When one is going through a divorce, there are many things on one's mind that one wishes to take care of as soon as possible. One important aspect of divorce that can often be overshadowed by more immediate matters such as child custody is property division, more specifically dividing one's retirement assets. Even though one typically wants one's divorce to be over as quickly as possible regardless if one lives in California or elsewhere, it is important to sort out all the details, even those that may not be an issue for several years.

Can higher income levels affect California child support laws?

The best interest of a child should always be the primary concern in any divorce. When child support issues in a California divorce are used as a means of retaliating against a former spouse, instead of for the child's welfare, it is never a healthy situation. In a recent case, a former NBA player is being sued for lack of child support payment.

A civil California divorce leads to happier lives later for all

Divorce can be an emotional time for all involved; however, if one does not let one's emotions get the better of one's self, one can have a much smoother and less dramatic divorce. This will help one to move on faster and enjoy one's life during these changes. Most importantly, making the effort to have a civil California divorce can increase the chances of the separated couple keeping a civil relationship in the long run, which significantly helps children of divorce to cope.

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