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Can higher income levels affect California child support laws?

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Child Support, Firm News |

The best interest of a child should always be the primary concern in any divorce. When child support issues in a California divorce are used as a means of retaliating against a former spouse, instead of for the child’s welfare, it is never a healthy situation. In a recent case, a former NBA player is being sued for lack of child support payment.

The former player’s ex-wife is asking that he pay $1.2 million which would account for 13 years of child support. A court had ordered him to pay her $8,000 per month for their five children at the beginning of this year. She has had to go to court several times since to claim that he had not made any of these payments.

On Aug. 1, the ex-wife filed legal documents asking a judge to make her ex-husband pay her the $1.2 million in the form of a trust fund. This total represents all of the child support payments due until Oct. 2026 when their youngest child turns 18. The court has not currently made a ruling in regards to this request.

This is an example of a high net worth divorce situation which can be even more complex than a normal divorce case. There are specific rules and regulations for these types of cases such as the California high wage-earner exception that calls for support for children of privilege to be calculated outside state guidelines. Any parent facing child custody, child support or support modification issues may want to consider professional advise. This could help prevent future litigation and provide a better parenting environment for their child or children.

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