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July 2017 Archives

Ron White, Margo Rey divorce: are they actually married?

Relationships can be difficult to define and complicated to explain to others. One's marital status is usually clearer cut. For one California couple, each party has a different opinion over whether or not they are able to divorce, since they cannot agree on whether they are indeed married.

The inadvertent witness to an episode of domestic violence

Many things happen over the course of the day, for which there are no witnesses. While it can be disappointing that one was unable to get the evidence of an unexpected and pleasant experience, it can be frightening to be subjected to events that leave one shaken or hurt. Many California residents who have been victims of domestic violence will understand that feeling all too well. 

Infertility treatments do not raise risk for divorce

Researchers have long wondered about the key factors that cause a marriage to end. Many studies have concluded that money troubles lead to divorce, and others indicate that infidelity causes couples to split. Some analysts believe that infertility brings many spouses to the end of their romance. However, California couples who struggle with infertility may be relieved at the results of a new study.

What happens to health insurance after divorce?

People often don't think about insurance until it becomes necessary. Many California families are reliant on the health coverage, as well as life insurance, provided by the employer of the highest earning spouse. No one wants to consider the worst-case scenario in marriage, whether that means divorce or the death of a spouse; however, some things require attention before they become urgent.

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