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Infertility treatments do not raise risk for divorce

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

Researchers have long wondered about the key factors that cause a marriage to end. Many studies have concluded that money troubles lead to divorce, and others indicate that infidelity causes couples to split. Some analysts believe that infertility brings many spouses to the end of their romance. However, California couples who struggle with infertility may be relieved at the results of a new study.

Doctors followed tens of thousands of couples in Scandinavia as they endured the frustration and disappointment of fertility treatments. The mission of the research was to determine if such stress was too much for a marriage and if there is any link between infertility treatments and divorce. Surprisingly, the research showed that couples who bear the anxiety of invitro fertilization may actually grow closer as they bond through the process.

The pressure of undergoing IVF treatment includes disappointing failures and heavy sacrifices with no guarantee of success. Nevertheless, after following the couples for 16 years, the investigators found that only 20 percent of the IVF couples had divorced. The control group, made up of couples from the general population, had the same rate of divorce. The researchers concluded that IVF treatments do not increase the risk of a couple divorcing.

While the news is encouraging for those couples who struggle with the heartbreak of infertility, there are still many marriages that cannot endure the conflict. For some, that means an amicable breakup with few disputes. Others may bring resentment to the divorce, requiring experienced advocacy. California spouses seeking that advocacy can turn to a dedicated family law attorney.

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