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March 2017 Archives

How social media may contribute to an unsociable divorce

Social media is such a pervasive and invasive part of our lives these days, that it can be difficult to remember a time that it wasn't. California residents will be familiar with how quickly the salacious details of a celebrity divorce enter into the mainstream, and the damage that this can cause professionally and personally. Many people do not consider how far reaching the consequences of their own injudicious use of social media may be.

Unconventional can be the new "normal" in divorce

In all aspects of life, there are those who live in unconventional ways. Some would say the uncommon has become common these days. Traditionally, divorce is something that is usually associated with anger and acrimony. However, many California couples are able to divorce while still remaining friends, leading to arrangements that may seem strange to other people.

Fairer child custody arrangements can be better for the children

Life is not always fair, no matter how hard one tries to make it so. In the case of divorce, what is seen to be fair by one spouse may not be viewed in the same way by the other. Child custody is one area where it can be difficult for California parents to reach an agreement on what is fair.

Property division: the $1 million question

Money, or the love of it, may or may not be the root of all evil: however, there is no doubt that it can cause many an argument. When California residents divorce, an individual retirement account may be part of the property division. What may start off as an amicable agreement could potentially end up as a bone of contention further down the line. A woman from an unknown state was divorced from her husband about a year ago, and she is now questioning whether she should have handled things differently regarding the division of a shared individual retirement account with her ex-husband.

Dean McDermott: allegation of child support arrears

The world of television is full of drama, both on and off screen. While most California residents are usually able to keep their disputes private, celebrities are not often given that option. When it comes to financial matters, such as child support, it seems that the only difference is in the amounts involved.

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