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Unconventional can be the new “normal” in divorce

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

In all aspects of life, there are those who live in unconventional ways. Some would say the uncommon has become common these days. Traditionally, divorce is something that is usually associated with anger and acrimony. However, many California couples are able to divorce while still remaining friends, leading to arrangements that may seem strange to other people.

Some couples may be happy to continue to share the marital home following their divorce. There are stories of those who have made modifications to their homes in order to create separate, self-contained living areas. In many instances, this has practical as well as emotional benefits. Where children are involved, this can mean that a stable home life remains in place, and both parents can model positive parenting behavior.

For others, living separately need not mean missing out on parenting time. The noncustodial parent may be in a position to take children to and from school or other regular appointments. Some divorced parents continue to share holidays, even when they have new partners, in order to enjoy quality time with their children. Advances in technology mean that children can maintain contact with a non-resident parent via text messages or video chats on a daily basis.

For many California residents, memories of their own parents’ divorce may make it feel that remaining civil, even friendly, is somehow wrong. On the contrary, it can make the whole process run more smoothly. With less time spent fighting, couples can spend more time making well-informed decisions about important matters such as child custody and property division. A seasoned family law attorney can help with the legalities necessary to achieve these goals.

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