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November 2016 Archives

Checking retirement plans never gets old during divorce

When one is going through emotionally difficult times, it can be quite difficult to see the road immediately ahead. In divorce, however, it is necessary to consider not only the short term implications, but also the longer term ones. This will apply in particular to California residents who have financial arrangements that relate to retirement.

Divorce: Until debt do us part?

There are any number of reasons why marriages come to an end. While many couples may simply outgrow each other over time, there are many more who find that there are pressures that come to bear such enormous weight that it may seem like divorce is the only solution. Many California residents experience financial difficulties that can lead to this course of action.

Divorce can affect one's employment benefits

Mistakes happen: that is a fact of life. During stressful times, it is easy to overlook things. While one may have his or her mind on personal matters, it may not occur to a California resident that there could be an employment-related aspect that may be affected by his or her divorce.

It's wrong to attempt to remove a spouse's rights during divorce

At what point should one become suspicious that his or her marriage is in trouble? While for one person, it may be a change in a spouse's personal habits, for another, it may be a change in his or her working pattern. Whatever the event that triggers the notion, some California residents come to realize that, in fact, the deception may have been in place for quite some time before the idea of divorce comes to mind.

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