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Divorce: Until debt do us part?

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

There are any number of reasons why marriages come to an end. While many couples may simply outgrow each other over time, there are many more who find that there are pressures that come to bear such enormous weight that it may seem like divorce is the only solution. Many California residents experience financial difficulties that can lead to this course of action.

A woman recently began to ponder the implications of her husband’s ever-worsening credit score. Before the couple were married, the husband had filed for bankruptcy. Having a poor credit rating was bad enough, but since their marriage he has made several unsuccessful attempts to secure another loan. The woman is naturally concerned by the implications of acquiring further debt, and also the impact that his actions may be having on her own credit score. She has contacted all of the credit bureaus to place a freeze on her own credit, as an attempt at damage limitation.

The wife feels that it is her husband’s credit score that is ruining their marriage, but it is more likely that his attitude and behavior with regard to money is what is causing her concern. Typically, neither spouse is responsible for the other one’s debt, unless loans or credit agreements have been co-signed. Each spouse’s credit score is calculated separately unless finances become commingled such as when a couple take out a joint loan or mortgage.

If it is impossible to persuade a spendthrift spouse to change his or her ways, then a California divorce may well be the only option in order to secure peace of mind for one’s financial future. Ensuring that one has all relevant documentation necessary to assess the levels of debts and assets would be a good starting place. With this to hand it will be easier to see how clear the way forward is, and hopefully reassure one that he or she is making the best decisions for the future.

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