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July 2016 Archives

Francis Bean Cobain, Isaiah Silva: divorce hits a sour note

There are many quotes about music. It may be the food of love or soothe the savage soul. Within the music industry, however, arguments between couples who decide to divorce can often become very public. California residents may be aware of the recent disputed ownership of one of music's most famous items of memorabilia.

Change in law makes living arrangements easier during divorce

The cost of living seems as though it only ever increases. For California residents considering divorce, the idea of future living costs can become quite intimidating. At some point, one spouse is usually required to move out of the marital home in order to prove that the marriage has indeed broken down. If the remainder of the family continue to live in the former marital home, however, the spouse who has moved out may still be responsible for payment of the costs associated with the home he or she has vacated.

Divorce from one's partner may not equal divorce from their debt

With any kind of action there are often consequences. While divorce may have some obvious impacts on one's life, there are also some that may not immediately occur to many California residents. Depending on how each party conducts his or her financial affairs, the consequences may not even become immediately apparent until after the divorce is completed.

Angels Run to raise awareness of domestic violence

There are many things that contribute toward a person's character. The environment that one grows up in can be one of the greatest of those influences. Sadly, the shadow of domestic violence affects many California residents. Many adults are trapped in abusive relationships, but there are also adults who may have had their first experiences of such situations while they were still children.

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