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Angels Run to raise awareness of domestic violence

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

There are many things that contribute toward a person’s character. The environment that one grows up in can be one of the greatest of those influences. Sadly, the shadow of domestic violence affects many California residents. Many adults are trapped in abusive relationships, but there are also adults who may have had their first experiences of such situations while they were still children.

A non-profit organization, Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence, provides help and support to survivors and victims of domestic violence. This month they are holding the inaugural Angel Run. Over 22 days, participants will cover 22 miles by walking or running, to honor the memory of people they have lost as a result of domestic violence. The events will be taking place nationwide, with around 300 runners in total expected to make up the 25 teams.

One high school student, who is now a California resident, recently returned to his native Texas in order to visit with his family and participate in an Angel Run team named for his mother, Heather. She died at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, in an incident that played out in front of her two young daughters. As a result, Heather’s son now participates in a program to prevent domestic violence, mentoring youth and sharing his story to help others who might suffer in silence.

Many children feel powerless to act in the presence of adults, never realizing that some adults may feel similarly. Every citizen deserves to live free from trauma and harm inflicted by those who claim to love them. For any California resident who lives with domestic violence, seeking appropriate help and support is essential, in order to move toward a safe and positive future.

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