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April 2016 Archives

Domestic violence can affect children developmentally

It is said that children are resilient and will bounce back from the most negative experiences. This may be true; however, there are some things that, once witnessed, can never be unseen. Many California children watch daily as one parent subjects the other to domestic violence and verbal abuse, unable to intervene, sometimes becoming targets themselves. The adult victim may not always understand or be aware of the impact the abuse is having on his or her child's well-being, but studies show that the children may be affected developmentally as well as emotionally.

How much say should children have in child custody disputes?

Some children can be wise beyond their years, but even the most mature child may find it hard to cope with the emotions that are stirred up when his or her parents divorce. This month, the California Legislature is set to consider a bill that amends the law relating to child custody disputes. If successful, the change will allow parents to bring their children, ages 10 years and older, to court in order to tell the judge with which parent he or she wishes to live.

Revenge is a dish best omitted from the menu of divorce

High emotions rarely go hand in hand with good decision making. Sadly, strong feelings are often the motives behind the decision to divorce, making the process even more difficult by muddying what may already be a complicated situation. California residents may find it better to take a step back from negative motivations, such as thoughts of revenge, when dealing with financial and legal dealings associated with property division.

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom - why is the divorce still on hold?

Decisions are an everyday part of life. It is true that the greater the consequences, the more carefully California residents should consider all angles before making a final commitment. Divorce is one of the biggest events that may affect one's future, and there may be pressure from various sources that have a bearing on how things progress.

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