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Revenge is a dish best omitted from the menu of divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

High emotions rarely go hand in hand with good decision making. Sadly, strong feelings are often the motives behind the decision to divorce, making the process even more difficult by muddying what may already be a complicated situation. California residents may find it better to take a step back from negative motivations, such as thoughts of revenge, when dealing with financial and legal dealings associated with property division.

Adopting a calmer frame of mind will allow one to analyze things more rationally. In addition to reducing stress levels, it will also make it easier to clearly assess any proposals for settlement. Engaging in a collaborative divorce process means that both parties can work together, with guidance from any relevant professionals. With information being exchanged voluntarily, there is less confrontation between the parties, leading to a potentially more expedient process.

For some California residents, it may be the case that every conversation seems to end in arguments. In this situation it may be helpful to consider the services of a divorce mediator. He or she can facilitate discussions on many subjects, including child custody and retirement plans, allowing both parties to put forward his or her point of view and requests. Having a mediator present may also make it easier for each party to consider what is truly important in the settlement.

Whatever route is taken, divorce is often a painful experience, but it is possible to keep the agony from escalating. However bitterly one feels toward an estranged spouse, it is worth considering the notion that smoothing the process may also reduce the costs involved. These savings could increase the financial outcome for both parties, leading to a potentially more positive future when moving forward.

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