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February 2016 Archives

Property division: Bigger does not necessarily mean better

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but sadly it usually comes too late for one to act upon it. In the majority of divorce cases, the division of assets will be relatively simple; however, where there is a large amount of wealth involved it may be necessary to seek professional financial advice. When it comes to property division, many California residents make the mistake of assuming that the most valuable assets are the most obvious ones.

Measure twice, cut once; things to consider before divorce

Life is made up of a series of events, ranging from the small, everyday moments to those of a life-altering magnitude. Choosing to divorce is potentially one of the biggest decisions one might make, especially if one has children. There are many things that California residents may wish to consider before finally taking action.

Domestic violence: words can sometimes cut even deeper

It seems that a day doesn't go by without media reports of violence. Reports of domestic violence are on the increase, but many victims are still too fearful to speak out. Many California residents may think that abuse is a purely physical act, not realizing that it actually exists in different forms, none of which are acceptable.

How social media can be used against one in divorce

For many people, social media is a blessing that allows them to have greater contact with friends and family who live too far away to meet with regularly. During divorce, however, it may become a weapon to be used against an unwary spouse. How might this affect California residents, and how should one protect oneself?

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