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Measure twice, cut once; things to consider before divorce

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

Life is made up of a series of events, ranging from the small, everyday moments to those of a life-altering magnitude. Choosing to divorce is potentially one of the biggest decisions one might make, especially if one has children. There are many things that California residents may wish to consider before finally taking action.

The impact that divorce can have on one’s life cannot be underestimated, so examining how one truly feels about this decision is essential. Even if a couple enter into counseling, there is no guarantee that the marriage can be saved; however, it may help to clarify things in one’s mind and also allow both parties to let go of blame, easing the way forward. While it is not always possible, there is no doubt that making things as amicable as possible will create less stress for everyone involved.

The next priority is likely to be the consideration of how divorce will affect any children involved. This would include such issues as how custody will be shared, as well as how the financial responsibilities will be divided. It is important to remember that there will be nothing to be gained by using children as pawns, nor by trying to alienate one who may not be an ideal spouse but who may well be a good and responsible parent. It may be worth seeking emotional support from an impartial source, which may help one to support his or her children in turn.

Financial planning post-divorce is likely to be dependent upon a variety of factors, including one’s personal income and the division of any community property. For those who have accrued great wealth or a large number of assets during the relationship, it may become necessary to enlist specialist services. Seeking legal and financial advice appropriate to one’s circumstances is a sensible approach for any California resident.

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