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May 2015 Archives

Should spousal support be a commitment even after divorce?

There is no doubt that both parents have a responsibility toward their child or children. When divorce is on the cards, a custodial parent has the right to expect that the other parent will continue to support the children, both financially and emotionally. For one spouse to expect that, following divorce, he or she will continue to receive spousal support, also referred to as alimony, is a more contentious issue. California residents may be aware that one of their number is pushing for a change in the state laws relating to spousal support.

The length of divorce proceedings depends partly on state law

The law is a subject that is continuously under review. Reforms are usually intended either to simplify or tighten controls in selected areas. The no-fault divorce system utilized in California may ease the process of divorce in many cases; however, some states are looking to adopt more stringent controls.

Defining legal separation for community property assessment

It is always helpful when things are straightforward. When it comes to divorce, however, things can be quite complex in nature. One California couple, who are going through the divorce process, are awaiting a State Supreme Court ruling on the date that they can legally be deemed to have separated. Their situation may be more common than one might expect in the current economic climate, and could impact significantly on their community property assessment.

New cellphone bill welcomed by victims of domestic violence

People may fear many things in life. For victims of domestic violence, the level of fear with which they live their entire lives is so great that, at times, it may feel almost impossible to breathe. A bill is currently making its way through the California legal system that, if it passes, offers a means to help those victims in getting away from abusers with regards to family-share wireless plans.

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