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The length of divorce proceedings depends partly on state law

by | May 21, 2015 | Divorce, Firm News |

The law is a subject that is continuously under review. Reforms are usually intended either to simplify or tighten controls in selected areas. The no-fault divorce system utilized in California may ease the process of divorce in many cases; however, some states are looking to adopt more stringent controls.

While many people question how advisable it is to force people to remain trapped for longer periods in marriages that make them unhappy, others argue that people are, instead, too quick to give up on their marriages. Whichever may be the case, a protracted divorce process may inflame an already volatile relationship. This can result in far more acrimony than might have been the result had blame been removed from the divorce.

In those rare instances in which a marriage ends in an entirely mutual and amicable agreement, there may be an even less stressful and expedient way of negotiating one’s divorce. California has recently piloted a One Day Divorce program for those who have few points of contention. In cases in which there are few assets and no other disputes exist, this process has the potential to drastically reduce the costs involved and time spent in court.

It is important for every individual to ensure that the advice and guidance he or she has is appropriate and relevant to his or her own unique situation. The greater the level of agreement that estranged spouses can reach, the better it is for all concerned. Divorce is rarely simple and painless, but a more amicable approach can allow both parties to move forward in a more efficient and positive manner.

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