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April 2015 Archives

Joint tax implications can follow you even after divorce

When couples are married, they may discuss many topics regarding their relationship. The number of children each spouse would like and the neighborhood in which they would like to live may come high on the list, but it may come as a surprise to learn that finance is a subject often overlooked. In a community property state such as California, financial responsibilities do not lie solely with the spouse who incurs them, and the tax implications can come as an unwelcome shock during tax season both during and following divorce.

Child support can be about more than dollars in the bank

The issue of money is often a contentious one. During divorce proceedings, it can become an even greater source of contention when the division of marital assets begins. Unfortunately, children can also become the subject of financial disputes when child support enters the equation. To California residents, it can sometimes seem as though a non-custodial parent is seen only as a source of financial support and not as a person who can contribute to lives of his or her children in other ways.

Custody and visitation litigation: when child custody goes bad

Sometimes it is difficult for a couple who is in the midst of divorce proceedings to maintain a good relationship. When a child is involved, however, it is important for the parents to set aside their feelings toward each other in order to move forward positively in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, there are times when a parent's feelings may induce him or her to take extreme actions, and those actions can end with custody and visitation litigation.

Facebook potentially the last resort in divorce proceedings

Technology progresses at such a heightened pace that it can be difficult to keep up. Residents of California may be aware that a mere decade ago the service of court papers via email was considered an innovative move forward in civil lawsuits. Since then, social media has become such a deeply integrated part of our everyday lives that it is almost impossible to go more than a few hours without using one format or another. A recent case has tested the waters regarding the use of the social media platform Facebook in relation to the serving of divorce papers.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton may end up sharing child custody

Stars may court fame most of the time, but even they sometimes prefer to keep details of their private lives private. California has a no-fault divorce system, but, even so, it is often more usual to see each party attempt to sully the reputation of the other. Child custody battles may also ensue, and it can sometimes be difficult for a court to determine what is in the best interest of the child -- or children -- in a high-profile divorce case.

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