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Custody and visitation litigation: when child custody goes bad

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Sometimes it is difficult for a couple who is in the midst of divorce proceedings to maintain a good relationship. When a child is involved, however, it is important for the parents to set aside their feelings toward each other in order to move forward positively in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, there are times when a parent’s feelings may induce him or her to take extreme actions, and those actions can end with custody and visitation litigation.

In one recent California case, after a couple’s divorce, the father was awarded custody of their 12-year-old son. The divorce was described as having been very bitter. The mother is reported to have abducted the child during a recent supervised visit, and it is alleged that she attacked the court-appointed monitor in order to carry out her plan. Following the discovery of the mother’s vehicle at the Los Angeles airport, the authorities were able to establish that she and her son were already airborne and en route to Chicago.

Although it is reported that the mother had mentioned a wish to move away from California, her decision to kidnap her son in this manner came as a shock to the boy’s father. Her decision to travel to Chicago is not thought to have been motivated by family connections. It is reported that police were expected to be present at the Chicago airport to which she was headed in order to arrest her and facilitate her extradition back to California to face charges of felony child abduction.

Usually, it is possible to work out child custody and visitation to suit the needs of both parents and also the best interest of the child. When problems arise, there are numerous options available to California residents who find themselves unable to reason with, or trust, an estranged spouse, including custody and visitation litigation. If one has any concerns about such matters, seeking appropriate advice and guidance is the first step to ensuring the safety and well being of one’s child.

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