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January 2015 Archives

Hide and seek is no game when it comes to property division

Affairs of the heart are often very painful. When a marriage falls apart, one may experience a variety of emotions. While it is natural for those facing divorce to feel confused and emotional, one should try to avoid acting on those feelings in any way that may compromise one's own position. Property division can be difficult, and sometimes complex, but in a community property state like California, it is highly inadvisable to attempt to hide any assets one owns or to which one has rights.

A fresh start and the benefit of foresight in divorce proceedings

Whether one consciously buys into the idea of New Year's resolutions or not, it is a fact that many people see January as a fresh start. For some this may mean relatively low-key changes in diet or fitness, while others may feel that it is time to pursue a completely new life. California residents whose resolutions include a divorce may wish to give serious consideration as to how the division of marital assets affects them. A major change in marital status will not only affect one in the short term, but also in the years to come.

New year, new emphasis placed on tackling domestic violence

The holiday season has passed, with all its good will and joyfulness. For most California residents, normal life has now resumed. Sadly, for many people, the pressure to maintain a facade of not only normality, but contentment, never ends. Those who suffer from domestic violence may feel like the most isolated of victims. In Los Angeles, attempts are being made to help these victims, who usually feel that they must suffer in silence.

Alienation is unnecessary in custody and visitation litigation

However well one attempts to choose his or her moment, there is no good time to raise the subject of divorce. It is known that the first Monday in January usually heralds a large surge in the initiation of divorce proceedings, and coming so soon upon the heels of the holiday season, this may invoke some especially bad feelings. One may even feel aggrieved enough that he or she may choose to use the child as a pawn. Some California residents may have to deal with acrimonious fallout in the form of parental alienation, which can muddy the waters of custody and visitation litigation.

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