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New year, new emphasis placed on tackling domestic violence

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

The holiday season has passed, with all its good will and joyfulness. For most California residents, normal life has now resumed. Sadly, for many people, the pressure to maintain a facade of not only normality, but contentment, never ends. Those who suffer from domestic violence may feel like the most isolated of victims. In Los Angeles, attempts are being made to help these victims, who usually feel that they must suffer in silence.

While crime figures are in overall decline, reports of violent crime, in particular domestic violence, saw an upswing over the past year. The issues are better recognized now, with changes being introduced to tackle problems from several angles. Efforts are being made to build more trust between law enforcers and victims within communities. In addition, an increase in victim support structures has been initiated. There are also programs being put in place to educate people as a means of preventing domestic violence from happening in the first place.

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that covers multiple methods of abuse, and these may not only be physical in nature. Victims may experience various forms of non-physical or emotional abuse. Whether male or female, victims are entitled to seek help and assistance to escape from such intolerable situations. One may be understandably reluctant to report incidents, but pressing charges is an option as part of the legal process.

California residents who have gathered enough courage to extricate themselves from an abusive marriage have various options open to them. There are legal measures, such as restraining orders, that one may put in place in order to protect himself or herself from further episodes of domestic violence. Agencies, such as those alluded to above, can provide ongoing emotional support, while the victim may utilize the time and breathing space afforded to seek appropriate advice regarding further actions such as divorce proceedings.

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