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October 2014 Archives

Lamar Odom evades Khloe Kardashian to delay divorce

Even the best relationships do not always run smoothly. Disagreements are bound to arise from time to time, some more serious than others. One thing is certain, though -- avoiding the problem, or ignoring it completely, will not make it disappear. A high-profile California divorce case highlights the futility of trying to halt divorce proceedings by using evasive tactics.

Silent Witness message: speak out against domestic violence

As Domestic Violence Awareness month draws to a close, many support groups are preparing their final events for this year's campaign. In California, a number of marches entitled "Peace For Families" have been organized by the Silent Witness Project. It is hoped that the cumulative effects of the project's exhibition will highlight the work done to tackle domestic violence issues in the communities of Merced County.

NFL debates punishment for players involved in domestic violence

There is no doubt that many things can influence the type of person an individual becomes, and role models -- good and bad -- have more power than perhaps people realize. Sadly, some individuals commit crimes because they have molded their personalities based on a poor example set by a particular public figure. Sports figures are among those who can, on occasion, wield the greatest power. NFL owners, including those from California, recently participated in their fall meetings, and one item on their agenda this year specifically included domestic violence.

Public awareness of domestic violence is on the increase

As summer turns to fall, lots of people find that their thoughts start to turn toward happy occasions such as Christmas. For many trapped in abusive relationships, these are overshadowed by continuous feelings of fear and insecurity. October is the month of Domestic Violence Awareness, a painful subject with which many California residents are sadly very familiar.

Domestic violence victims may seek help in many ways

Each state and county has a number of outreach programs for those who experience domestic abuse. There are a number of ways in which this issue is being tackled. A growing number of family justice centers across the United States, almost 20 percent of which are in California, have been designed to make it easier for victims of domestic violence to access help from multiple agencies by visiting just one source.

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