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Public awareness of domestic violence is on the increase

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

As summer turns to fall, lots of people find that their thoughts start to turn toward happy occasions such as Christmas. For many trapped in abusive relationships, these are overshadowed by continuous feelings of fear and insecurity. October is the month of Domestic Violence Awareness, a painful subject with which many California residents are sadly very familiar.

Due to numerous campaigns highlighting this subject, it is becoming better recognized as a serious problem within society today. From the couple next door, to the star on television, verbal abuse and even physical violence may be witnessed in some form on almost a daily basis. Even people who manage to avoid such exposure may wonder how it is that individuals can still end up in this unenviable position.

Organizations such as the YWCA are able to employ a range of services from one delivery point to individuals desperately in need of assistance. Without training or experience, however, it can be extremely hard for one to understand the workings of a tormentor’s mind, and thus understand how it is that such an individual can wield control over his or her victim for a lengthy period of time. In order to raise funds to continue their vital work, they rely on fund-raising, through fun events among others, with their goal to provide support and refuge for people in need at the front of it all.

Throughout California, such organizations can assist victims in overcoming their fears enough to begin to reclaim their lives. Being able to make decisions about how one wishes to move forward in his or her life can be very liberating. Seeking appropriate advice on matters such as restraining orders, or pursuing one’s tormentor on domestic violence charges, can also help to progress healing and recovery.

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