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September 2014 Archives

Mark Sanford to enter mediation with his ex-wife over visitation

When a marriage starts to come apart, it can sometimes feel to the couple involved as though their lives are being viewed through an enormous goldfish bowl. California has perhaps more than its fair share of celebrities, but politicians are equally likely to suffer from close media attention at such times. A U.S. Congressman from another state, Mark Sanford, is one such individual who is currently in this unenviable position. He and his ex-wife have now agreed to enter the mediation process in order to resolve disagreements relating to visitation and other issues.

Step-families can thrive during divorce, with the right help

There are holidays for almost every occasion one can think of, in every month of the year. National Stepfamily Day, which takes place in September, has been highlighted by recent advertising campaigns. Families often go through changes, splitting, merging and growing by turns. How can California residents strive to ensure smooth transitions when going through a divorce?

Advice on parenting schedule is in the best interest of the child

As a parent, one sometimes may find that he or she not only disagrees with their children about how they should be raised, but one may also disagree with his or her spouse. It is usually possible for parents to negotiate between themselves regarding what is in the best interest of the child; however, this can become more complicated in the event of divorce. While California courts will not routinely intervene between married parents, they can and do intercede between unmarried or divorcing couples. Without proper forethought, this can become a problem in itself.

Griffin prenup challenged by wife in property division dispute

It may seem cynical to discuss a prenuptial agreement with a view to what one wants to happen in the event of divorce. Some people may feel that it is necessary if, for example, one spouse has significantly greater wealth or earns more than the other. California is a community property state, and prenuptial agreements are usually intended to safeguard property division if a divorce subsequently becomes a reality.

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