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Mark Sanford to enter mediation with his ex-wife over visitation

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Child Custody, Firm News |

When a marriage starts to come apart, it can sometimes feel to the couple involved as though their lives are being viewed through an enormous goldfish bowl. California has perhaps more than its fair share of celebrities, but politicians are equally likely to suffer from close media attention at such times. A U.S. Congressman from another state, Mark Sanford, is one such individual who is currently in this unenviable position. He and his ex-wife have now agreed to enter the mediation process in order to resolve disagreements relating to visitation and other issues.

The Sanfords divorced in 2010 after he admitted to having an affair. The couple have four children together, and the youngest child is still a minor. It has been reported that both parties have requested that the court record be sealed. Moreover, an additional request has apparently been made for a court order barring both sides from talking about the matter publicly.

It appears there are issues about visitation with the youngest child. It has been suggested that Mrs. Sanford’s attorneys have requested that Mr. Sanford submit to anger management courses, among other things. The couple have agreed to enter mediation to discuss those issues that affect their children, along with other matters.

Emotional subjects are often difficult to deal with in a calm manner. In California, as in other states, a mediator can assist in this process by facilitating the discussion and keeping it on track. Even once a divorce has been finalized, it may still be necessary at a later date to seek additional advice and guidance where children are concerned. Issues, such as visitation, that require tactful and diplomatic handling while complying with legal requirements can still arise at a later date.

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