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July 2014 Archives

Time to rethink family and divorce in the 21st century

The area of family law is complex, both legally and emotionally. The concept of what constitutes “family” has changed radically over the years. With so many familial permutations, the complexity of the issue increases. In California, the laws around this subject will soon be under debate in an effort to resolve the many problems faced by families going through divorce proceedings where children are involved.

How to divorce a spouse, without divorcing his or her family

When a couple decides that it is time to part company, it can be difficult for their friends and family to make the adjustment. Even though both parties to a divorce may feel relief that they have made the right decision, the people around each individual may find it harder to let go of their own relationship with the other spouse. This may not create any problems or issues unless children are involved, when it becomes important to put their well-being first. In California, if there are reasons to restrict such access due to abuse or neglect, then one may feel it necessary to invoke legal processes in order to safeguard the children -- but more often, one is more likely to find a sense of diplomacy more helpful.

Does social media mean less sociability, and more divorce?

Social media has really taken off over the last few years, with pages such as Facebook and Twitter leading the field. There is no doubt that residents in California and across the United States are finding that keeping in touch -- and communication in general -- is easier than ever before. It also makes reuniting with long-lost family and friends far easier, as evidenced by various heartwarming stories that have appeared in the news. Recent studies appear to show a correlation between the increased use of such sites and increasing divorce rates.

Sherri Shepherd in dispute over child support for unborn baby

Arguments over children during divorce discussions are common, and sometimes complex. California has many laws and procedures in place to assist in the guidance of legal rights and obligations, for parents and other family members, in divorce cases. Occasionally a situation can still arise that is highly unusual, such as the case between celebrity Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, who are in dispute over the issue of both custody and child support for their unborn child.

Divorce among retiring couples may be good news

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” -- or so the saying goes. It is certainly true that planning ahead becomes more important to people as they get older. In California and other areas, the number of couples who are choosing to divorce at a later stage of their life is on the increase.

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