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November 2013 Archives

Have you been thinking about a "Do-it-Yourself" online divorce?

The Internet has brought about amazing transformations in the way that information is compiled, exchanged and archived. Today's adults are in one of the most interesting transitional times within human history. We live with one foot in a past that had us looking up facts in encyclopedias, and the other foot firmly planted in the digital age, where we can look up the mating habits of a naked mole rat from our cell phone. In some arenas, however, the Internet cannot equal the expertise and attention of a human being. For California couples considering divorce, digital resources can be helpful, but hands-on attention is required for a successful outcome.

Keeping track of child support expenses

After a California divorce, parents begin a period of transition in which they must become accustomed to their new roles as co-parents. Handling the financial side of this new partnership can be tricky, especially if the child support agreement includes the division of expenses in addition to a monthly payment. Staying on top of these debits and credits can be difficult, and accounting mistakes can lead to frustration on both sides.

Deciding who keeps ownership of the family pet after divorce

For most pet owners, pets are valuable members of the family, and living without them can be hard to imagine. However, when couples are undergoing divorce, pets are considered personal property; therefore, the couple must decide who gets to keep the pet and who must relinquish ownership. Even though this decision can be very emotional, there are several key factors that California separating spouses should keep in mind when deciding who gets to keep the pets.

Tips for lessening the overall expenses of divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time full of torrid emotions, but it is important not to let those emotions take over so that each separating spouse can look at their divorce objectively. On top of the emotional strain divorce brings is the financial strain. There are steps California separating spouses can take in order to lessen the overall expenses of the divorce.

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