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Have you been thinking about a “Do-it-Yourself” online divorce?

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Divorce, Firm News |

The Internet has brought about amazing transformations in the way that information is compiled, exchanged and archived. Today’s adults are in one of the most interesting transitional times within human history. We live with one foot in a past that had us looking up facts in encyclopedias, and the other foot firmly planted in the digital age, where we can look up the mating habits of a naked mole rat from our cell phone. In some arenas, however, the Internet cannot equal the expertise and attention of a human being. For California couples considering divorce, digital resources can be helpful, but hands-on attention is required for a successful outcome.

Several new companies offer online programs that are intended to help couples process their own divorce filings. These businesses promise to provide valid and well-researched divorce advice to users, in the interest of helping them to achieve a faster, more amicable and less costly divorce. In the end, however, trying to outsource the end of one’s marriage to an impersonal computer program is not likely to yield favorable results.

Each and every couple is unique, and likewise, no two divorces are the same. The issues that are central to one couple may be trivial to another. In addition, many families have complex financial scenarios, and require a meticulous approach in regard to property division. There are a number of divorce issues that require a customized approach. Attempting to force one’s divorce into a one-size-fits-all mold could have significant negative ramifications.

For those in California who are considering divorce, the first step involves researching both the process and the different approaches that can be taken to bring a marriage to an end. There are many different choices available to spouses, and there is a fit that is right for every scenario. However, having a trained legal professional on hand to assist throughout the process is a valuable asset, and one that cannot be replaced by technology.

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