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October 2013 Archives

Jon Cryer's ex-wife requests $88,969 in child support payments

Jon Cryer, actor in works such as "Two and a Half Men." has recently started making roughly $2 million each month thanks to his career. In accordance with child support laws in California as well as the rest of the country, an increase in an ex-spouse's earnings could warrant an increase in child support payments. Cryer's ex-wife Sarah Trigger is now requesting a very large raise in child support payments.

5 common mistakes to avoid when beginning divorce proceedings

Divorce is a very stressful time in a separating couple's lives. With all the emotional stress a divorce can create, it may be easy to overlook or forget some vital details in the divorce process, causing mistakes to be made that the couple may regret later on. When undergoing divorce proceedings, there are five common mistakes separating California couples make that could have easily been avoided with more planning.

Child custody: Tips for smooth transitioning and a bright future

Everyone has heard of how nasty divorces have the potential to negatively impact children; however, all divorces do not have to be so severe. When making negotiations on child custody, the child's best interest now and in the future should always be first on the parents' minds. To help reduce the potentially negative impact of divorce on the children, there are some steps California parents can take to make the transition smoother as well as benefit the children in the future.

Should Californians stay in a long-term separation, or divorce?

When something in a marriage goes wrong, it is understandable for a couple to want to spend some time apart to decide whether they want to attempt to reconcile or end the union. However, when it seems like reconciliation is not going to happen but the couple has not started the divorce process, long-term separations can cause problems for both parties. California long-term separations can cause financial problems as well as unhappiness for both spouses.

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