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July 2013 Archives

Keeping a positive outlook in California divorce benefits all

It is safe to assume that most people are not necessarily happy about getting a divorce. When going through divorce in California as well as across America, disagreements happen, fights can occur and feelings get hurt. However, especially if children are involved, divorce does not have to be this way. There are certain steps one can take in order to have a more positive attitude during divorce that will more positively affect one and one's family's future.

Domestic violence programs geared toward effective intervention

In each state and county there are many different programs and resources that reach out to help domestic violence victims. There are a multitude of different programs throughout California. It's helpful to look at what some counties or agencies in California are offering to combat domestic violence.

Amicable California divorce has great long term benefits

Divorce is never easy; so many emotions are involved in a divorce that can be hard to handle. Divorce gets even more complicated when children are involved. One wants to fight away from the children, but that is not always possible. No one wants their child to be negatively impacted by divorce, but with all the emotions involved, it can be hard to keep one's cool. But with hard work and dedication, divorce can at least be amicable, and having an amicable California divorce brings much more benefits in the long run.

Emotional and prolonged California divorces are bad for kids

Divorce can be a difficult time for all who are involved, especially if the couple has children. Often times, in California and all across America, children do not understand why their parents are divorcing, and they can show their frustrations at their parents by acting out and causing some insecurities between them. This behavior can get worse the more emotional and drawn-out the process is. The frustration can carry on into adulthood and could possibly affect the parent-child relationship once the child has grown up. Two studies have recently shown that when a highly emotional or unnecessarily prolonged divorce occurs early in one's childhood, relationships with parents in adulthood tend to be more shaky than with children whose parents divorced later in that child's life.

Deciding if a prenup in case of divorce is best for Californians

Americans have heard the term "prenup" thrown around in celebrity and business mogul divorces, but it is a term that is not often discussed in the divorce of the average American. A prenuptial agreement may not be the first thing on one's mind when planning to marry the one they love. However, just as the elite classes of the country do, having a prenup might not be a bad idea just in case one ever files for divorce from his or her loved one, especially for certain individuals in California.

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