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Minor’s Counsel in California

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Child Custody |

Family disputes can challenge anyone. As these matters play out in court, children’s interests often become the focal point of deliberation. In 2021, the Judicial Counsel of California reported that there were over 17,000 child custody cases filed in courtrooms across the state.

You might ask how California ensures that the child’s voice resonates and receives due consideration. The answer lies in the appointment of Minor’s Counsel.

What is Minor’s Counsel?

Minor’s Counsel refers to a special representative the court appoints for children in contested family law proceedings. This representative’s primary role is to champion the child’s best interests during the court process. Many parties in a court case have adults advocating for them, but children might not always have a clear way to share their desires and concerns. Minor’s Counsel fills this gap.

What are the roles?

Think of Minor’s Counsel as the child’s personal advocate in court. They collect information, converse with the child and convey the child’s wishes and any factors that might affect their well-being to the court. They ensure that the court hears the child’s perspective and that it doesn’t get lost amid adult conflicts.

Another important job is collecting evidence about the child’s well-being. This duty might require them to speak to teachers, counselors or medical professionals familiar with the child. By offering a comprehensive view of the child’s life and circumstances, Minor’s Counsel helps the court make knowledgeable decisions about custody, visitation and other pivotal issues.

How are they chosen?

California courts follow a strict process to choose Minor’s Counsel. They ensure that these representatives have the necessary qualifications and training to promote a child’s best interests. To receive an appointment, individuals must complete certain training courses. These courses cover topics like child development, child abuse, family dynamics and the effects of family law litigation on children.

What is the importance of it?

In a courtroom environment, where adults often dominate, children can feel sidelined or overshadowed. A dedicated representative ensures that the court includes children’s perspectives in decisions that will shape their lives.

Minor’s Counsel in California acts as a bridge between children and the court. This ensures that their perspectives receive proper attention in family disputes. By recognizing the significance of this role, you can better understand the steps California takes to put children’s well-being and interests at the forefront.


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