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When should you revise your custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Child Custody |

The custody agreement you receive after the initial court proceeding serves as the governing document for your parenting time, decisions and legal considerations. The goal of any custody and parenting plan agreement is prioritizing the needs of your child. That means you should consider revising the agreement as needed for your child’s benefit.

There are a few common instances when your child custody agreement needs updating.

One parent is uncooperative

When one parent refuses to cooperate with the established custody agreement, that conflict creates an uncomfortable situation for your child. The uncertainty of custodial time, the tension of the relationship and the conflict between both parents can lead to anxiety and fear. Petition the court for reconsideration of the agreement when the other parent’s refusal to cooperate creates complications.

The child’s needs change

As children age, social circles and extracurricular activities affect their lives in more extensive ways. When a child chooses to pursue extracurricular activities, the custody agreement may need adjustment to accommodate for the changes in the schedule and routine.

Another situation to consider is the effect of a medical diagnosis. A child with a chronic illness may need specific care and support that one parent cannot provide or is unwilling to learn. This often necessitates a custodial change to ensure that you meet your child’s medical needs.

Understanding common situations when a custody agreement needs changes will help you pursue those adjustments when it fits your situation. Put your child’s needs first and adjust the agreement when necessary for their well-being.


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