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Is joint custody a good idea for your family?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Child Custody |

Joint custody has long since garnered a good reputation for helping out children of divorce. However, even largely popular options do not always serve every family equally.

In fact, joint custody is not a good idea for some families. Why is this, and how can such families proceed instead?

Can you build the right foundation?

Psychology Today talks about the well-known benefits of joint custody. Generally speaking, children of joint custody have reported lower rates of mental health struggles as related directly to their parent’s divorce. They also develop better coping mechanisms from an earlier age.

However, it is important for their parents to have a level of trust and the ability to cooperate with one another to even allow this to work.

Some parents simply cannot cooperate to the necessary degree to make joint custody work. Either the events leading to the divorce permanently soured the relationship or issues with personality clashes make it impossible to work together in any meaningful respect.

Are both parents present?

In some cases, parents simply cannot share custody jointly because one parent is away, too. Common examples include cases where one parent is a member of the military and may get stationed far away for months or even years at a time. Other instances involve incarcerated parents, or parents undergoing rehabilitation.

Are there unresolved charges?

Joint custody may also not be a good idea in instances where one parent faces allegations of abuse or neglect, or other violent crimes against another person. In such cases, it is best to keep them away from their child until the matter gets resolved in court.

In the meantime, many other custody options exist that could benefit a family’s unique situation better.


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